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Solving the last 50 Meters

Last mile delivery represents 55% of the cost of a delivery today. We need automation to deliver the e-commerce volume of tomorrow. We built Aida to integrate with delivery vehicles and automate the last 50 meters of the delivery

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A Modular approach to Robotics

Navigation stack

We build tools for fleet management as well as mission scheduling via our api to plan deliveries for the robots or to perform remote diagnostics

Powerful dynamical actuators

Using powerful brushless motors with dedicated controllers, and a custom torsion spring we can reach high torque density with elasticity for limbed Robotics at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Machine Learning in Simulation

We use the best tools in Robotics, combined with new techniques of deep reinforcement learning to teach our robots to move in simulation.


Clement Jambou


Previously a Senior Data Scientist at Lyft, Clement is an expert in Machine Learning and worked on self driving cars and multiple Robotics projects. He graduated from ISAE-Supaero and has a Msc in Machine Learning from Imperial College

Alexis Theallier


Alexis is expert in Autonomous Navigation, with his experience in drone autopilot conception at Parrot, and previously at Sagem. He graduated from ISAE-Supaero and HEC Business School

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