Meet Aida

Solving the last 50 Meters

Last mile delivery represents 55% of the cost of a delivery today. We need automation to deliver the e-commerce volume of tomorrow. We built Aida to integrate with delivery vehicles and automate the last 50 meters of the delivery

Powerful Dynamic Actuators

Using powerful brushless motors with dedicated controllers, and a custom torsion spring we can reach high torque density with elasticity for limbed Robotics at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

3D Mapping and Navigation

Aida is equipped with cutting edge sensors, including Lidar and 3D Cameras to enable her to navigate and sense her environment.


We build affordable robts. Aida is not made for a military budget. We designed her with mass manufacturing and cost in mind from the beginning.

Combining wheels and Legs

Aida’s feet can be replaced with wheels allowing for long travels if necessary. The wheels still allow Aida to walk and overcome obstacles on her way.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

We use new techniques to teach Aida how to walk. She learns in simulation using Deep Reinforcement Learning Techniques. These methods allow for learning a behavior that will work accross many situations including staircases, sidewalks, random obstacles. Our simulator leverage the OpenAI Gym.

Overcoming obstacles

Navigating the street is hard. Aida is made to go over complex obstacles and recover from any situation. Already today Aida can manage complex situation and we are just getting started !

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