Fleet Management

All of our robots areĀ given tasks through our easy to use fleet management system. This is 2018, our apps are available on web, phone and tablet.

Get your robot ready in no time.

Our robots can be up and ready to work in a new environment in just a few hours. Even better, if you need to scale up your solution, adding a new robot requires no extra setting.


The first step is to guide one of your robots around its new environment. This will enable it to make a map of its surroundings so that it can localize itself.

Annotate your map

Simply add new destination for your robots, preferred routes and off-limit areas to the map. This map can be updated at any time if you need to add more destinations.

Scheduling Tasks

We make it easy to define a series of tasks such as a confirmation screen on the robot, going to a new destination… Once created schedule it now, every X minutes, at 5pm or when your coffee is ready.